Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End

Well, I am officially done with the fast, I did fourteen days of juicing and raw freggies (thanks Alex for the term) with the occasional pizza or taco!  =)  The last few days my parents have been in town and there has been lots of visiting with family.. aka restaurants.  On Friday, day thirteen, I made the sunset blend recipe off the website.  It called for a sweet potato, oranges, apples, carrots, a beet, and a red pepper.  I don't like red peppers or beets but for some reason I thought this bad boy sounded good anyway.  It was flavorful, just mostly tasted like red peppers.

Sunset Blend
It made a ton of juice, and I realized all my cups were in the dishwasher... so I brought out my fun Pimpin cup that my friend Lisa got Will last year for graduation. 

Big Pimpin with the juice

That cup was a little too large for drinking
 Both of my neighbors on either side have decided to garden this year, which is awesome, I am jealous of them.  I don't talk to either of my neighbors, but I really want to ask them if I could have leftovers!  One family spends a ton of time watering, pruning and loving their garden.  I haven't seen the other family out in their garden once.  Can you tell which is which???

Neighbor #1

Neighbor #2
 My friend Patrick came over with his two kiddos for a bike ride and his son Gabe saw me drinking my juice.  He asked if he could try and I said sure!  He took a sip and looked up and me smiling stating that he thought the juice tasted like lemonade.  I asked him if he wanted any more and he said.. umm no thank you.  Haha, it did NOT taste like lemonade.  

It tastes like lemonade!  
 My parents showed up a little bit after our ride and wanted to see the juicing in action.  My dad doesn't eat veggies so I knew I need to make a fruit juice in order to have him enjoy it.  They brought some fresh peaches from South Carolina which I combined with kiwi, blackberries, strawberries and oranges.  It was absolutely amazing!!  Definitely the best juice I have made yet.  It was more like a smoothie.  Very thick and delicious.  

Friday night we went out to dinner at a place called Squealers.  I'm sure from the name you can only imagine it was a bar-b-que pork place.  The smell alone made me want to chow down.  I ordered a salad with lots of veggies.  It was good but surely not as good as everything else at the table.  Saturday I decided to make my last day on the fast.  I made a mean green in the morning and had a salad for dinner.  I drank beer that night.. eek!  It was delicious too!!  

Today, Sunday, was my first day without juice.  I met up with family for lunch and had another salad.  It had chicken on it which I could not force myself to eat.  I tried.. just couldn't do it.  Meat does not interest me at all right now.  I also couldn't even finish half the salad so I know my tummy has shrunk away.  All in all the juicing fast was great, I am glad I did it.  My long term goal is to continue to juice at least one meal a day, possibly even two.  I plan to do a 10-day reboot every 6 months, summer and winter.  The next one I do is going to really be a full 10-day of juice only.  I was kind of disappointed that I didn't do that this time, but no beating myself up about anything.  No regrets!!

Thanks for reading my blog, I will update if anything exciting happens!!

Day Fourteen - 188.2 Pounds
Total Weight Loss - 9.7 Pounds

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Twelve

Day twelve is over and that makes me happy!  I was extremely hungry today and I think it's because I woke up at 6am instead of noon like every other day this week.  Anyway, I woke up this morning I was ready to try my first recipe with a beet.  Now, let me preface by saying I don't like beets.  Never have, probably never will.  BUT tons of recipes on the website call for beets and I know they have lots of benefits so I decided to try.  I was surprised, the beets didn't taste bad.  I think the lemon off set the flavor.  I have come to realize that anytime you add a lemon or lime the juice really pulls that flavor.  This is the V28 recipe off the website. 

Lettuce, celery, a beet, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, and a lemon.  Oh, I added a cucumber at the end because I seem to add cucumbers to everything I make.  They just produce sooo much juice!!
V28 chopped and ready to juice!

Breakfast and lunch
 I was in a meeting from 8-4 so I brought my breakfast and lunch with me.  By the time I got out of my meeting at 4 I was starving.  I had brought an apple because I thought that might be the case and it held me over while I ran some errands.  I came home this evening and made a mean green for dinner.  

Just me and my juice
Tomorrow I am going to try a sunset blend juice off the website and I am really looking forward to it.  It calls for a sweet potato which I happen to find extremely delicious.  We'll see how it is raw and juiced!!

Day Twelve - 188.4 Pounds - stupid pizza
Total Weight Loss - 9.5 Pounds

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Eleven

Ahh day eleven is over.. I can't believe I only have 4 more days on this fast!  Time has gone by quickly.  I just realized I took no photos today so this blog is gonna be a quick one.  And the fact that I have to wake up at 6am for a workshop all day tomorrow.  I slept in super late today.. til about noon, so I really only had a lunch/evening juice today.  I woke up and made about 32 ounces of mean green, with the intent to come home after Butler tonight and try another drink before I went to sleep.  Well.. since I ate a piece of pizza and some salad during class tonight I decided to forgo the juice and hit the gym instead.  I found out a few days ago my professor was bringing us pizza tonight since it was our last class of the summer semester.  No big deal, I actually don't like most pizza chains so I wasn't even worried.  Well she did not order just any pizza chain, she ordered Bazbeaux, which is the most amazing local pizza.  So here I am sitting in this room surrounded by about 10 pizza boxes for the next few hours.  All my classmates are chowing down and I thought, eh, one square won't kill me.  =)  Annnd it was amazing.  Since it was the last class some peeps decided to go get a drink afterwards.  I joined and had a tea.. then went and ran for 30 minutes.  At one point during my run I kind of closed my eyes and thought I was about to black out!  So I slowed it down a bit lol.  Anyway.. that's all I have tonight, sorry kinda lame blog.  I gotta go to sleep.  But I am excited to try a new recipe tomorrow!!!

Happy Juicing!

Day Eleven - 188.8 Pounds
Total Weight Loss - 9.1 Pounds (Wooooooo)

Day Ten - Wow Day Ten!!

I am so happy that I successfully finished day ten!  My goal was to do the 15 day plan, seeing how I felt after 5, and 10 days.  Now I am here finishing up day ten feeling great thinking about going longer than 15.  This morning I made a juice with kale, blueberries, carrots, a lime and some celery.  It was about all I had left in the fridge.  I threw it together and headed out to the grocery for my weekly goodies.  
Breakfast, playing with picture options from instagram

I like watching all the colors mix together!  Berries, carrots and kale
I picked a bunch of different recipes off of the website that I wanted to try and planned out my grocery list.  I have been really interested in the berry mint juice, which is blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and mint leaves.  It was delicious!  The perfect summer drink.  It was very thick, like a smoothie, just so much juice.  Also, the mint leaves didn't chop up into the drink.  I put about two cups in and I would say about 2 leaves actually went through.  All the rest of the just shot straight into the pulp container.  I ended up throwing a cucumber in there because it was a little too thick.

Berry Blend before
Berry Blend after
This made enough for about 45 ounces, I had the glass above for lunch, and another 20 ounces during my class tonight.  I decided to head to the gym after class and do some cardio.  It was the first time I have gone to the gym since doing the fast.  I have had tons of energy but was still nervous about getting too weak.  I felt great, did about 30 minutes on the EPX machine!  I came home and drank the rest of the berry goodness.  Yum Yum!

Happy Juicing!

Day Ten - 189.8 Pounds (YAY!! back in the 180's)
Total Weight Loss - 8.1 Pounds

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Nine - Bud Light or Juice?

Day Nine - Woo hoo

Today has been a great lazy lazy day for me.  I decided to make these next 5 days juice only, which I have not yet done so far.  No food at all, not even fresh fruits or veggies.  I woke up this morning and made a mean green, I forgot to add celery so it was kinda thick and didn't produce as much juice as usual. 

For lunch I decided to make another V8 variation.  I am running out of produce so I just kind of threw what I had into the juicer.  I put in waaaay too many carrots, actually more than the picture shows and pretty much created a carrot juice.  It was ok, but not great.  I pretty much tasted just like carrot juice. 

Tonight I decided to try to make a different kind of juice.  My friend was over and he is thinking about buying a juicer tomorrow and starting to supplement a meal a day.  He wanted to try the juicer and drink something fruity and refreshing.  I threw together a lime, a cucumber and a whole bunch of blueberries.  I forgot to take a pic until I was halfway into the mixture, but here is the final product.  It was so good!!  Pretty much tasted like a limeade, it was very tasty.  Excellent evening treat.

Fruity Heaven

Bud Light or Juice?? That is the question!  I picked the juice.. lol
Right now we are watching Food Inc.  I heard it was a good documentary about our American food processes.  I am about 15 minutes in and I'm already pretty uncomfortable watching the chicken housing/growing process.  I like eating meat and I hope this doesn't turn me off to it completely!  Hmmm.. I will give you my opinion tomorrow if I make it all the way through.

Oh great... my friend just ordered a pizza.  The smell might kill me.  Or maybe make me kill him.

Happy Juicing!!

Day Nine - 190.4 Pounds
Total Weight Loss - 7.5 Pounds

Day Eight - Whoops I forgot

I was so tired last night I passed out and forgot to blog!  Day eight was a good day, I was craving some fruit so I made a summer salad juice.  I whipped up a carton of strawberries, 2 cups of blueberries and a whole bunch of baby spinach.  Well... that was a big mistake because the baby spinach was so thin and little that it pretty much bypassed the blade and went straight into the container.  That was a little frustrating so I added some celery and a cucumber for some more juice.  Cucumbers and celery put out so much juice I find myself adding them to almost everything.  I got about 30 ounces, one for breakfast and lunch. 
Looks good huh?!

Yesterday was the first day that it wasn't 100 degrees here so I thought I would enjoy my juice outside.  I look to put it in my Starbucks cup, keeps it cold and makes me feel like it's more special!  Notice the grass in my yard is DEAD!  It's like a African grass land out there, no water in sight.

 My friend Courtney called me over to hang out in her new pool.  She is prego and it's so hot out so just wants to lay in the water, sounded great to me!  So I head over there to chill in the kiddie pool and it decides to rain for the first time in a month!  Thunder rolling in and all.  We got to sit in the pool for about 15 minutes before the sky started looking not so friendly.

Me and Court
We decided to head inside where she proceeded to make some yummy quesadillas and her husband started making rice crispy treats!  I thought they were trying to kill me!  Either that or make me leave!  I just sucked down my juice.  I made them both try the juice and their faces were priceless.  I don't think they will be juicing anytime soon!

Did I mention Mexican food is my favorite?????
Ahhhh so hard to resist

The dogs wanted some juice too

I came home in the evening and made myself a salad with some tomatoes and avocados .  I have yet to just juice for one day only.  I always seem to have some fruit or salad.  So, for the next three days I am solely juicing.  This morning I am enjoying a mean green and I think I will make a fruit juice for lunch.  I will remember to blog about today later tonight!

Happy juicing!!

Day Eight - 192.1 Pounds (Damn tacos)
Total Weight Loss - 5.8 Pounds

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Seven!!

Hey friends, here I am at the close of a very long day seven!  Day seven actually started with challenging day six evening.  Two of my good friends just moved to St. Louis and unexpectedly came into town last night prompting a quick outing to Broadripple.  I met my friends at Bdubs... oh boy.  I love boneless wings and I love beer!  But.. I am amazed and happy to say that I sat and just enjoyed conversation drinking iced tea.  Then we went to the Tavern where we met up with some more friends and pitchers of beer.  I ordered an ice water and just chewed on ice for the next two hours, again just enjoying good company.  As I was driving home around 2:30am I wanted to stop at every fast food place along the way, I was soooo hungry!!  But I didn't, I just went home and planned to go to bed.  I did end up eating some of that pico I made earlier in the day with a few chips.  It hit the spot!  

I woke up this morning and made another mean green for breakfast and lunch.  Right after lunch my friend Patrick came over for a fun day of river tubing.  We went up in Noblesville and tubed on the White River for what was supposed to be 2-3 hours.  I didn't bring any food because it was going to be a pretty short time away from home.  Well it ended up being over 4 hours on the river in about 100 degree heat.  I had 20 ounces of water which I went through very quickly.  I got home and was so exhausted, starving and dehydrated.  I chugged my green mean from the morning and about 20 ounces of water.  I was still feeling really so I made a salad this evening with some blueberries and balsamic dressing.  Then my buddy whose name is a synonym for the DEVIL came over and convinced me to join him at Cancun (my favorite place to eat).  I thought ok, I have had a salad, a juice, a lot of water, I should be good to go.  Nope, as soon as I got there I gave in to a few chips and salsa.. then the devil conned me into eating two tacos.  Yes friends, I hate to admit it, but I totally gave in tonight and ate two tacos.  And you know what, it felt great.  I was so hungry for something more than juice I don't even feel bad.  I needed those damn tacos!!  Haha.. and that's all I have to say about that.  BUT I will tell you that right now I am making my devil friend watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with me right now!!  He is loving it I can tell and it is great for me to watch it again.

Happy Juicing everyone!!!

Day Seven - 191.4 Pounds
Total Weight Loss - 6.5 Pounds

If you have been following you will notice that is the EXACT same weight I was yesterday, no loss, no gain, I am the same.  Hmmm... what is up with that.  I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow morning and see what those tacos did to me =(